Re: Santa Fe tank car - Cocoa Beach clinic teaser

Tim O'Connor


That's an excellent looking tank!

What is the Avery label material - is it plastic or sticky paper?
Does it come in a big sheet or narrow strips? I won't be at Cocoa
so I'm going to miss your clinic...

Tim O'Connor

At 12/21/2009 08:15 PM Monday, you wrote:
A couple of months ago I mentioned the possibility of using Avery label material to represent thin overlapping metal sheets. I'm far enough along with that to offer this "teaser" for my Prototype Rails clinic on Archer rivets:

The tank and dome cores were made by rapid prototyping. They were hand-finished and overlaid with layers of Avery transparent label stock with the surface detail pattern printed on. The tank shell required four layers to get all the overlaps. The transparency made aligning the layers fairly straightforward, and the printing made locating the Archer rivets equally straightforward. The tank hold-down fittings were made by rapid prototyping, everything else on the tank surface is Archer.

See you in Cocoa Beach, everyone have a happy holiday season!

Tom Madden

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