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The tank is an M1917 built in the United State by the Van Dorns Ironworks. The First tank rolled of the floor October 18 and only ten ever reach France before the Armistice, none were used in actual combat. A total of 950 were built for the Us Army, the US Marines used some in 1927 in China. The tank had a weight of 6 tons. So with that, the photo is sometime after 1919. Still does not answer the build date of the NP car.
Michael Bishop

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Kurt Laughlin (attempting to have the last word) wrote:
Yes I am serious, and yes, you are wrong, but I'll be happy to stop
here, as per your usual request when challenged and you want to have
the last word.
Read any tank history, is all I can say, and see if you think
Kurt is right. But it's true that it's my fault there's this much
discussion of tanks on the list. My bad.

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