Re: Tahoe Model Works latest HO 50T truck

Greg Martin


I will have a copies of Brian's order sheet at Cocoa Beach for those interested. Likely I will leave them with Stan (at his table) so you don't have to seek me out specifically and they don't end up as Coasters for the Coffee and Cookies when served... 3^)

Greg Martin

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The newest HO offering is a Barber Lateral Motion 50-Ton Truck. I'll try to make a full announcement later today, but in the meantime I can e-mail the flyer. If anyone is interested please contact me OFF-LIST at

Brian Leppert
Tahoe Model Works
Carson City, NV

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Dear Andy:

I have never had any business courses but as a consumer I have always found it handy to know what it is I am purchasing, that is, mentioned in a non cryptic way rather than having to do research to find out what I am being asked to buy.

Just a thought.

Bill Welch

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