Re: Build date of NP 39487?

Tim O'Connor

Ahem, Richard. Fact checking is in order. Coal was burned in
locomotives in Washington state, on the NP for example. Coal
was used in the production of cement and no doubt for other
purposes as well. And sources included western Canada as well
as Utah, Colorado, Montana, Wyoming and North Dakota.

And I have seen an N&W open hopper in a video of the Milwaukee
Road in Montana.

Happy Christmas to all!

Tim O'Connor

Oregon coal? Surely you jest. In the steam era, most of the
relatively little coal used in the Northwest came from southern
Utah. Nowhere in Oregon was coal mined in commercial quantities.
That's why all the steam locomotives burned oil, and why most
industries were fueled by oil or natural gas. Coal was, of course,
mined in Wyoming, mostly in mines owned by the Union Pacific
Railroad, but in nowhere near the quantity that it now is. Union
Pacific coal traveled east over Sherman Hill, mostly in UP hoppers
and gondolas (mandatory STMFC freight car content).

To all STMFC listers, may your holiday season be merry and bright!

Richard Hendrickson

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