Re: Tank Car lettering conventions

Bill Kelly

You are correct. I've seen several of these AAR tank car lettering
diagrams from various years and the underframe is never represented. The
CBC caption says "For Explanatory Notes See Manual,...", there you will
find note 6.

Bill Kelly

Tony Thompson wrote:
Bill Kelly wrote:
The 1941 AAR Specifications for Tank Cars has a lettering diagram
in appendix C, this is the same drawing that appears in the Car
Builder'sCyclopedias. Note 6 to the diagram states "Car number and
initials to be stencilled on underframe center sills, or side
sills, and on both truck bolsters". No location on the center or side
sills is specified so it may be hard to find.
The drawing in the 1946 Cyc, page 373, does not show anything
about the center sill, Bill.
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