Re: Tank Car lettering conventions

Schuyler Larrabee

Denny Anspach wrote:
Well, today, I am chef, cook, and bottle washer with my capable son-in-law as assistant- a
Christmas present to Mama. I
made pecan and mincemeat pies yesterday (only Grade B dark maple syrup, and roasted pecans!).
While I relax at the
computer and contemplate decal applications on my STEAM ERA FREIGHT CARS, I absent myself every 30
to baste the roast . It will be removed from the oven when the core temp reaches 120ยบ, and then
allowed to rest for
awhile until carved at the table.
First, I contributed my famous (not kidding!) scalloped potatoes to my cousin's dinner table last
night, two dishes worth, and none came home with us . . . 8^(

Today, I made our traditional Christmas Day dinner, Beef Bourguignonne, served very simply with rice
and a good green salad. Oh, and some fairly good wine, coffee and sweets.

Both recipes from the Joy of Cooking, but with variations based on ~40 years experience.

I am the cook every day, but haven't washed dishes for decades, a deal I consider as good as it
gets. It gets me out of the kitchen and dining room earlier so I can get to the steam era freight
cars . . .


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