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Bill Daniels <billinsf@...>

The dishwasher here is doing the dishes (my wife refuses to do dishes, so when we redid the kitchen a Kitchen Aid dishwasher was spec'ed and installed... no more doing dishes in the sink!)

We had the standing rib roast for dinner, with a very nice wine (a BV Private Reserve Cab from 1986... I've owned the bottle since Christmas 1990... it's about time it got drunk.) Connie made a nice cherry cheesecake for desert, and it was a nice dinner...

I wonder if BV ever shipped out by rail... the winery (in Rutherford, CA in Napa Valley) is right across the street from the former SP Napa Valley line which is now the route of the Napa Valley Wine Train.

I hope everyone here had a good Christmas... with visions of tank cars dancing in their heads (obligatory freight car content).

Bill Daniels

Tucson, AZ

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Denny Anspach wrote:
Well, today, I am chef, cook, and bottle washer with my capable son-in-law as assistant- a
Christmas present to Mama. I

made pecan and mincemeat pies yesterday (only Grade B dark maple syrup, and roasted pecans!).
While I relax at the

computer and contemplate decal applications on my STEAM ERA FREIGHT CARS, I absent myself every 30

to baste the roast . It will be removed from the oven when the core temp reaches 120º, and then
allowed to rest for

awhile until carved at the table.

First, I contributed my famous (not kidding!) scalloped potatoes to my cousin's dinner table last

night, two dishes worth, and none came home with us . . . 8^(

Today, I made our traditional Christmas Day dinner, Beef Bourguignonne, served very simply with rice

and a good green salad. Oh, and some fairly good wine, coffee and sweets.

Both recipes from the Joy of Cooking, but with variations based on ~40 years experience.

I am the cook every day, but haven't washed dishes for decades, a deal I consider as good as it

gets. It gets me out of the kitchen and dining room earlier so I can get to the steam era freight

cars . . .


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