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Bill Welch

I concur. I met John the year I lived in Pasadena.

I am not sure if this was ever noted on this list but Paige Porter was another person very well informed on railroading in Mexico. He gave one of the best presentations ever, IMO, at Naperville several years ago. He worked at MDC at one point and along with Brian Leppert was responsible for their WP 50 DD SS car which I have used to also create MP, Sl-SF, and T&P models. He was a prince of a guy.

He died in very freakish accident many months ago and is missed by many I am sure.

Bill Welch

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Yes, a very good source of info.
And if you want more info , you can contact John Kirchner in Passadena,CA.
He is an expert in N de M .

Right now he is in Japan chasing trains but will be back in two weeks.

His e-mail address , jkirchn@...



> Was surfing the net and came across this informative page
about modeling Mexican freight cars and some American cars
that I guess would be visitors to Mexico...

Tim O'Connor

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