Mexican Boxcars

jim peters

I thank you for the reference to my file on the MexList

The full title is:

An Informal Study and Modeling Guide of the

NdeM Late Steam And Transition Era 40-foot Boxcars

The information was compiled and edited by myself 'Jim Peters' - a long time member of this group as

well as the MexList

I received much assistance from other members of STMFC group, Ed Hawkins, Richard Hendrickson,

Matt Herson and Joel Norman. I also obtained a lot of data from the modeling groups in Guadalajara,

Mexico DF and Puebla. Dr Kirchner refused to offer any assistance.

The actual text is over 100 pages on my microsoft office program and can be found at I have hopes of updating the file with more detailed information within

the next 4 to 5 months.

If anyone is interested and wishes more information on 'Los Ferrocarrils de Mexico' please feel free to contact me

at or

You all have a great day . . .

Jim Peters

Coquitlam, BC

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