Re: Coal in the Pacific Northwest

Tim O'Connor

Richard, I see no reason to resort to ad hominems about
"self appointed experts". I responded, and Jerry responded,
to a gross generalization about the use and mining of coal
in the "Pacific Northwest" (OR-WA-BC according to you) which
has a vast and diverse geography and history. And by your own
admission, you were wrong about the NP in this era, and about
GN et al in earlier eras. (Your original email was not specific
about any time period.) So what's your beef?

Last time I checked, there are nothing BUT self appointments
here and elsewhere in our hobby, as there is no official system
of appointments. Another straw man bites the dust.

Dave's post was nice but it did not provide any facts to
corroborate your original argument that coal was not used by
railroads for steam locomotives in the PNW. Twenty thousand
carloads of coal a year is about the same number of carloads
as apples loaded in Washington at this time, yet I don't hear
anyone claiming that apple production in Washington was negligible
and unimportant because apples are grown all over the US.

Coal happens. Accept it.

Tim O'Connor

So what does this tell us? I got a lot of grief, some of it off-
list, about my post on this subject which started the whole
discussion, but it appears to me that Dave's evidence entirely
confirms my original statements (except for my ignorance about the
NP's use of coal, which I've already admitted). Doesn't that make a
lot of the responses to my post by self-appointed experts on Pacific
Northwest coal seem either wrong or irrelevant?
Richard Hendrickson

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