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I too was content to let this pass, but since you took one more kick at this: My post was not incorrect (nor so car as I can tell were most of the others on list). Though irrelevant to the original question, it was certainly relevant to a sweeping statement you made about commercial mining of coal in Oregon. Though doubtless insignificant to Mr. Peabody, in the context of time and place, the coal mined at Coos Bay was important economically and socially to those who participated in that industry and those who followed them--and in fact it spawned small industrial railroads, which rails lasted into the era of this list. It was not my intent to nitpick, but only to ensure one small historical fact was not forgotten in the rush to generalize.

Any implication that my post contradicted the main thrust of your original message was a long stretch meant to be tongue in cheek. I thought I made that fairly plain, but if not, let it be plain now. Best,

Chris Frissell
Self-Appointed, MT

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I said I would have no more to say on this subject, but I can't
resist responding to Dave's very useful post.
So what does this tell us? I got a lot of grief, some of it off-
list, about my post on this subject which started the whole
discussion, but it appears to me that Dave's evidence entirely
confirms my original statements (except for my ignorance about the
NP's use of coal, which I've already admitted). Doesn't that make a
lot of the responses to my post by self-appointed experts on Pacific
Northwest coal seem either wrong or irrelevant?

Richard Hendrickson

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