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Richard: I have a very basic, first-generation Aztek that I've painted with for about ten years. I'm fine with it-- it does what I need it too, and with easy cleanup and minimum fuss. I very seldom get clogs with acrylic paints if I use a metal mesh filter in the intake tube, and keep the nozzle wet with a shot of Windex any time I set the bush down for a few minutes. But I do keep a second acrylic nozzle on hand for those occasions when clogs happen. In the event of persistent clogs, I have always been able to unclog the nozzles with a simple overnight solvent soak.

I can't recall getting a clog more than once or twice with slower-drying laquer-based paints like Scalecoat. I'm still painting those with the original nozzle. Best,

Chris Frissell
Polson, MT

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Thanks to Greg Martin, Jack Burgess, Kurt Laughlin, Rich Orr, and Tim
O'Connor for their feedback on the Aztec airbrush, all of it very
useful. I haven't made a decision yet, but I really appreciate the

Richard Hendrickson

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