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I have been told by some older Santa Fe men (and this was thirty years ago) that the East bound Grand Canyon would pick up two or three REA reefers in Fullerton, Ca during the Strawberry season for back east. I have seen photos of the Grand Canyon during the strawberry season with REA reefers, if they were picked up in Fullerton I do not know. I  have had fun doing this move over the years with my east bound Grand Canyon.
Michael Bishop

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Tim O'Connor wrote:
For unloading, that makes sense. What about loading? I've seen
photos/videos of trains with many express reefers. Were they handled
by local passenger trains like the cream/butter business,or by
freights, and then later consolidated for long haul on mail/
passenger trains?
Good point. I'd guess it would depend on the local
circumstances, for example how easy a pickup by a passenger train
would be. Certainly no one is going to park a passenger while the
locomotive wanders off to an industrial siding somewhere. There's an
example cited in the PFE book of strawberries in express reefers, with
cars timed to complete loading and be picked up and taken straight to
the main line by the normal local freight, to meet a passenger train.
Other situations would require other solutions.

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