Re: Coal in the Pacific Northwest

Richard Hendrickson

On Dec 28, 2009, at 7:56 PM, leakinmywaders wrote:

I too was content to let this pass, but since you took one more
kick at this: My post was not incorrect (nor so car as I can tell
were most of the others on list). Though irrelevant to the
original question, it was certainly relevant to a sweeping
statement you made about commercial mining of coal in Oregon.
My statement was a response to another post, and in that context it
was specifically about the late steam/early diesel era. For that
era, my "sweeping statement" was entirely correct. I have no quarrel
with those who, as you did, wanted to point out that there was, in
fact, small scale coal mining in Oregon at an earlier period.

It was not my intent to nitpick, but only to ensure one small
historical fact was not forgotten in the rush to generalize.....
Any implication that my post contradicted the main thrust of your
original message was a long stretch meant to be tongue in cheek. I
thought I made that fairly plain, but if not, let it be plain now.
That was my take on it, and my negative remarks were not directed at
you. Apart from the flak I got on the list, I also received a couple
of really rude off-list messages to the effect that as I obviously
didn't know the first thing about coal in the Pacific Northwest, I
should shut up about that topic (and, by implication, other topics in
general). So perhaps you can understand why I was pleased when the
data posted by Dave Nelson largely confirmed what I had written in
what was an offhand response to someone else's post about coal
traffic to/from Oregon. It was never my intention to stir up an

Richard Hendrickson

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