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Not entirely true. The LA Times does not have a direct rail siding. Most
of the newsprint was received at the Southern Pacific's 8th Street paper
dock and trucked to the Times paper plant. They also received a portion via
water at the LA Harbor and that newsprint was also trucked to them.

Paul C. Koehler


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Newsprint is delivered directly to printing plants. The rolls are
way too big and heavy for transloading at team tracks. I don't know
about your New England statement however -- newsprint comes from
many sources, especially Canada. I don't know of any newsprint mills
in New England, although maybe there were some in the 1950's.

Tim O'Connor

At 12/30/2009 11:37 AM Wednesday, you wrote:
SHIPMENT OF NEWSPRINT...In the 1950's would most of the paper mills have
been in NewEngland and if so,what would have been the route(s)to get the
newsprint to cities like NY and Philia(and Boston).And in cities would the
cars been unloaded at the newspaper or off sight(team tracks)..
Joel Norman

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