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Thanks to all who answered. Your answers were about what I expected but, since I really didn't know, I thought I would ask. My layout would likely only see the occasional Wilson reefer. Swift and Armour will be more frequent visitors.

Just received a new, unused Jack Sprat label which will be scanned for a sign or two on Western Grocers in Marshalltown.

Again, thanks to all.
Gene Green

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I am modeling a Wilson meat plant in the 1920s and I've collected photos of various Wilson meat reefers. I'm pretty confident that I know the different paint schemes that Wilson reefers wore from 1916 to the 1960s. And I have never seen a paint scheme like that. I think it was either made up or they saw a one-of-a-kind car and put it on this model. Either way, it wouldn't make sense to have this car on a layout unless you collect these kind of cars.

- Steve Hedlund, Silver Lake, WA

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Please see eBay item #290293823411 HO Wilson Car Lines WCLX 8350 Box Car Item #509 j.

Is the paint scheme bogus or is there some basis in reality?

Gene Green
New Mexico

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