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Published statistics show that in 1950 Canadian railways originated a total
of 3,599,329 tons of newsprint. A majority of this would have been exported
to U.S. customers in 40' boxcars of CNR, CPR and to a lesser extent ONR

There were numerous mills in communities in northern Quebec and northern
Ontario. An example was the major mill of Spruce Falls Power and Paper
Company in Kapuskasing ON - a company town. Spruce Falls was the Canadian
affiliate of Kimberly Clark Corp. which owned 51%. The New York Times
purchased 49% of the mill's production. After 1957 the Washington Post
purchased 10% of the production.

Prior to 1962 all Spruce Falls shipments were in CN standard 40' boxcars as
the mill was on a CN line. After 1964 CN had large numbers of purpose-built
50' 70-ton boxcars, with cushioned underframes, built for exclusive
newsprint service.

Rolls were 54" long and were shipped on end.

John Riddell

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