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According to the NRHS website TRAX was first added in 4/54 by ART.

Rich Orr

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Gene, you've made me wonder about the relative sizes of Swift,
Armour and Wilson. (To say nothing of Oscar Mayer, et al)

Looking at fleets, in 1953 there were

4000 SRLX (Swift) reefers
= 3747 ARLX (Armour) reefers
= 1469 WCLX (Wilson) reefers

However I'm not sure if there were other reporting marks used
by these companies. I have later 50's photos of Armour TRAX cars
for example. I can't pinpoint when they began using the TRAX mark.

Tim O'Connor

At 12/30/2009 11:01 PM Wednesday, you wrote:
Thanks to all who answered. Your answers were about what I expected but, since
I really didn't know, I thought I would ask. My layout would likely only see
the occasional Wilson reefer. Swift and Armour will be more frequent visitors.

Just received a new, unused Jack Sprat label which will be scanned for a sign
or two on Western Grocers in Marshalltown.

Again, thanks to all.
Gene Green


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