Dave Owens

My newspaper, The Hartford Courant, gets paper via the old CV and
sometimes at our siding on Amtrak's New Haven-Springfield line.

Most of the paper comes via the old CV and is transloaded at Monson,
Mass. into trucks for the final trip to the printing plant on the
first floor of our building in Hartford. Every once in a while,
though, I see a car or two on the siding.

I rarely see the NSC newsprint cars on the Hartford line so I don't
know what they're doing in New Haven. Maybe they're getting it by
truck too. The Waterbury Republican-American used to have regular
delivery of newsprint cars by Guilford (as regular as Guilford service
can be), although I don't know what the situation has been the past
few years.

What several folks have said about the importance of proper handling
is true. Although huge and heavy, rolls of newsprint are quite
fragile. And with the focus of using every bit of paper as can be used
in order to save money, divits in rolls and damaged ends are a huge

Dave Owens
West Hartford, CT


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