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In Augusta, Georgia, until the late 1960's the local papers (both owned by
the same corporation by then) received boxcars of newsprint direct to the
printing plant. The cars in later years were more often than not 50 foot
double door boxcars primarily from the Northwest and Canadian Railroads. I
remember Great Northern, Canadian Pacific, and Northern Pacific being the
most common in the final years.

Specialized lift trucks with large clamps would grab the rolls and place
them on push carts that ran on rails in the floor of the warehouse. These
rails went from just inside the loading dock doors, thru the dedicated area
of the warehouse (a metal structure with brick end walls) for the rolls into
the printing room right up to the machine rack that held the spooled paper
for the printing machine.

There was a very old contraption at the loading dock that predated the
lift trucks for unloading the boxcars held in reserve, although I never saw it
used. Manpower was used to move the carts from the dock to the printing
machine and cutter.

After this period the paper purchased the old Coke bottling plant and used
it to receive the paper in steam era 50 foot boxcars, but trucked it the
two blocks to the new printing plant building.

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