Re: ATSF raised--roof BX-12

Or use the TMW-202 trucks and number the car as a Bx-11. There's only a slight difference in the ends and a couple correctable grab irons, and the trucks will be correct. That's what I'm going to do <g>.

Brian Leppert
Tahoe Model Works
Carson City, NV

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Are the TMW 201 "50 ton Dalman 2-level trucks" suitable for this
car as modelled by the Westerfield kit?
Steve, the Santa Fe Dalman trucks had Barber Lateral Motion devices,
so what you need are the TMW #202 trucks. Actually, the Bx-11s had
Dalman 2-level trucks, for which the TMW HO scale trucks are dead
on. The Bx-12s, built a year later, had Dalman 1-level trucks, which
were made only briefly ca. 1930-'32, and have never been modeled in
HO. However, the TMW #202s are quite close - as close as you're
going to get.

Richard Hendrickson

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