Re: Arch bar trucks.....

D. Scott Chatfield

I'd have two questions: when were arch bar trucks banned from
interchange in the US . . .
and Mind-Like-A-Steel-Trap Thompson wrote:

I've finally memorized this one, since we cover it every six
months or so: 1941.
And I tracked down the AAR Field Guides to Interchange Rules for 1941 and 1942, and after several deferments the final date was August 1941.

I doublechecked my books, and the August 1, 1941 date is in Supplement #1 to the 1941 Field Guide which was effective July 1, 1941. Supplement #1 was a separate booklet that was stuck inside my copy of the 1941 book.

The 1942 book flatly states archbar trucks were banned in interchange, so there were no further deferments.

Scott Chatfield

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