Haute Couture for Cocoa Beach


In order to enhance our Steam Era Freight Car modeling experience at the
forthcoming ProtoRails 2010 (aka: Cocoa Beach), the following thread from
the recently defunct "Shirt Club Discussion Group" is passed along: "..the
membership selection committee chairman while relaxing with a refreshing
Leinenkugels has declared that ProtoRails 2010 to be a RED SHIRT Thursday,
BLACK SHIRT Friday and SEA MIST GREEN SHIRT Saturday." All inductees and
members in good standing of the ____?____ (a.k.a. Hawaiian Shirt Club,
Chicago Shirt Mafia, Polish National Touring Bowling Team, Those Guys in the
Crazy Shirts, I want one too) are encouraged to proudly wear their colors
while participating in the Cocoa Beach events. In the event of
inappropriate weather; long sleeve, insulated versions of the official
colors shall be in effect.

Weather or not, here we come!

J. Greedy

Exofficio Recording Secretary

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