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Tim my records show they were bought second had from Wilcox Company in Chicago IL in 1930.  Nice photo staff hand brake and ck out the location of the AB brake air tank.
Don Ford
Kanab UT

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Matt, I don't know anything about them except the builder (Pressed
Steel) and built date (1922) shown in the NP Color Guide. They are
listed in the 1940 ORER as a complete series (49 cars) 70000-70048.
They were only 18 years old in 1940 I don't know of anyone who got
rid of USRA clones so soon.

Tim O'Connor

Thanks for your response. My question should have been more specific. Were
the NP 70000 series hopper cars purchased new or used and if used from what

One of these cars was still around a few years ago on MRL in Missoula.

Matt Herson

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Matt the captions in the NP Color Guide say these were rebuilt from
USRA clones 70000-70048 in 1957. And one of the photos is from your

Tim O'Connor

At 1/2/2010 07:23 PM Saturday, you wrote:
The car comes from the NP 207400-207427 series used in company sand service
as lettered on the car. They were originally NP 70000-70048 series hoppers
built in 1922 and rebuilt for sand service in 1957 and 1959. This from NP
diagram sheets posted at

www.nprha. org

Another question regarding these cars: Were they purchased new or used by
the NP?

Thanks for any replys,

Matt Herson

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