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Thank You for the additional CN numbering information and car life. Information I did not know and I am pleased to have. Thanks again!
Lester Breuer
Minneapolis, MN

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I will add to Brian Leppert's reply of the series being GT 64300-65299, the additional note that these cars were renumbered to CN 659000-659999 during the 1923-1932 period, with the last surviving car being removed in 1981 (GT 64300 was assigned CN 659000) -- there were still 650 cars in this series as of the 1960 cutoff date of this list.

As a group, these cars were constructed by National Steel Car from 4-6/1921 (GT 64300-64699) and 9-11/1921 (GT 64700-65299). I'm not sure of the reason for no cars having been built during the summer months -- it's possible that there was a summer shutdown for vacation (I recall my grandfather noting this as a standard practice at the CPR shops in Winnipeg where he worked for many years -- everybody simply got the same couple of weeks as the entire shop shut down), or perhaps there was a labour issue. It's also possible that there were two separate lots of cars involved (especially given the neat 400/600 car split), although I only know of one lot number.

Ian Cranstone
Osgoode, Ontario, Canada

On 2010-01-02, at 10:33 AM, Lester Breuer wrote:
Grand Trunk flat number 64300 photo on p. 172, Fig. 135 in Train Shed Cyc. No. 62 from the 1925 Car Builders or photo in 1928 Car Builders Cyc. p. 190, Fig. 143. I do not have an ORER to get number series. Can someone tell me the number series this car was in?

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