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Tony, Schuyler and All,

Thanks for the advice. I'll give 'em a call today. Have fun at Cocoa!

John Golden
Bloomington, IN

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Schuyler Larrabee wrote:
Many years ago, I was looking desperately for some PSC GP handrail
brackets. I ordered them from Walthers and kept getting an answer
"Out of stock at the manufacturer." This went on for months.
Finally, I realized that PSC was essentially up the road a ways - I
lived in San Francisco then, and at that time PSC was located in
Woodland CA, just up Interstate 80 a few miles. So, I called
information and got their phone number, called them up and asked
when they would be making more of the particular part I wanted. I
was greeted with laughter, not mean laughter, but laughter
nonetheless. When he regained his composure, he asked "How many
pounds of them would you like?"
That little story is to suggest that you should call PSC
directly. I suspect you could get several pounds of the "Brass
Angle Cock Brackets" if you do so.
Exactly. Walthers is like a lot of hobby shops. When they say "out
of stock," it may easily just mean "not convenient for us to order
right now," as Signature Press has learned also with MANY hobby shops
regarding our books.
I recently arranged a bulk order of PSC parts with little trouble
and a nice discount. DO call them.

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