GARX 61916 and 67378 Lessees

Larry Fink

There was discussion in this group over the past nine years about how refrigerator cars with GARX reporting marks were leased to Rock Island (#67500-69011), MKT, NKP, and others (Kingan & Co. and WIMP were mentioned). Is there any way of knowing (or an educated guess) if GARX 61916 and GARX 67378 paint schemes included the names or heralds of their lessees in 1947, or were they just lettered as generic GARX cars?

These two particular cars were transporting Pacific Northwest pears in the same U. P. train (90% of the cars reefers and no empty cars) through eastern Oregon in 1947. A post to this group on 2/15/08 mentions GARX 67337 loaded with Meat in Fairfax, MN on the M&StL in about the same time period.

Larry Fink
Renton, Washington

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