Cocoa Beach

gary laakso

It was a great gathering and the models on display were superb: great passenger cars, freight cars plus both steam-diesel-turbines and some buildings and trestles. I think next year I will bring my earliest resin kit to show some improvement in my skills since 1986. Monty Switzer used the dark and light paint line technique over the rivet lines on boxcars to great advantage. Bruce Smith had only the second largest collection of belpaire boilers on display! The presentations had a broad scope and Bill Darnaby's wonderful presentation on scenery left the ice modeling to Mike Brock. A wonderful way to avoid the icy jail cell. Okay, i was in my shorts all the time anyway and missed any and all ice buildups.
Wonderful job, one and all....yes, Greg Martin, my zona saw is thawing out as i type it easier to saw frozen plastic or do i keep the saw frozen and thaw out the plastic for the shake n take clinic? Steve Orth's clinic on upgrading Atheran UP 4-8-4s covered so many detail changes, i could have sworn he did 3 of those big FEFs.

gary laakso
south of Mike Brock (we hit 80 here on Friday, thereby speeding the thaw out to Saturday)

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Just wanted to thank Mike, Jeff and the entire crew of high-paid staff that pulled off another great Prototype Rails meet. Another great mix of clinics, displays and camaraderie!

If anybody wants to help out next year I understand that Mike is looking for a new Weather Coordinator, for some reason he seemed to think that it was one aspect which could have been improved this year.... !

Bill Schneider

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