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I've attached my list of Dalman 2-level users.

As far as I've learned, CN's purchases of Dalman 2-level trucks seems to have been limited to cars built in 1929. After that, for a few years, CN was buying 1-level Dalmans and Symington increased spring capacity trucks. In all cases, these trucks had the Barber Lateral Motion devices.

Principle info I have for the above CN cars is Stafford Swain's box car article in June 1994 Railmodel Journal and his reefer article in June 2001 RMC.

Wish that there were enough people wanting a 1-level Dalman,


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I'll get a pair of the #202 trucks and finish the car as a Bx-11. Good thing that you now have Canadian suppliers. I picked your trucks up at Terry Link's booth at a train show 100 miles west of Toronto yesterday.

Very nice work. I'd read much about them, but not seen any until yesterday. By the way, it's been pointed out to me that the #201 trucks are a good match for the trucks used on CN car orders from 1929 to at least the mid-1930's.

Steve Lucas.

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> Or use the TMW-202 trucks and number the car as a Bx-11. There's only a slight difference in the ends and a couple correctable grab irons, and the trucks will be correct. That's what I'm going to do <g>.
> Brian Leppert
> Tahoe Model Works
> Carson City, NV
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> > On Jan 3, 2010, at 3:09 PM, railwayman wrote:
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> > > Are the TMW 201 "50 ton Dalman 2-level trucks" suitable for this
> > > car as modelled by the Westerfield kit?
> >
> > Steve, the Santa Fe Dalman trucks had Barber Lateral Motion devices,
> > so what you need are the TMW #202 trucks. Actually, the Bx-11s had
> > Dalman 2-level trucks, for which the TMW HO scale trucks are dead
> > on. The Bx-12s, built a year later, had Dalman 1-level trucks, which
> > were made only briefly ca. 1930-'32, and have never been modeled in
> > HO. However, the TMW #202s are quite close - as close as you're
> > going to get.
> >
> > Richard Hendrickson
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