Re: I Second That Motion!

Marty McGuirk

I want my money back since I was guaranteed by Mr. Brock himself "I can't promise 80 degrees, but I guarantee it won't snow. . . ."

I think that constitutes grounds for a refund. Of course, as Bill Schneider said to me Sunday morning, "We'll be living on the #$@% we give Mike for this for the next year . . ." 

Seriously, well done to Mike and the rest of the gang who put on this event. The models were wonderful, the display room lively, and the clinics were, with one exception, (well two, if you count mine) outstanding. That other exception I wouldn't say was "bad" - "bizzare" comes to mind . .  . .

Got lots of great scenery tips from Lance and Bill Darnaby . . . Bill had me convinced I don't need any more ground foam, then an hour later Lance is showing me some ways to use it in conjunction with all the new scenery materials. Slightly different techniques, roughly the same materials, and both produced outstanding results.

I also really enjoyed hearing Tom Madden discuss using Archer rivets . . . 

I could go on and on but won't. Well done to all.



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