Re: I Second That Motion!

Mike Brock <brockm@...>

Marty McGuirk says:

"I want my money back since I was guaranteed by Mr. Brock himself "I can't promise 80 degrees, but I guarantee it won't snow. . . ."

"I think that constitutes grounds for a refund."

No, no no. I heard this morning that rumors of snow were unfounded. Apparently "ice pellets" fell from the proclaimed by the weather guys [ in the pay, no doubt, of local tourist leaders ].

"Of course, as Bill Schneider said to me Sunday morning, "We'll be living on the #$@% we give Mike for this for the next year . . ." "

Bill usual, very perceptive. I will note, however, that when I asked Bill if he was going out to lunch on Sat, his face had a quizzical look on it and he asked..."You mean...outside?" For those that don't know...Bill is from Connecticut. Not exactly an encouraging comment for the tourist industry.

Mike Brock

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