Re: ATSF raised--roof BX-12

Brian Carlson

If I knew what I needed them for, I might want them. ATSF and CN are all I
know so far.

Brian J. Carlson, P.E.

Cheektowaga NY

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I've attached my list of Dalman 2-level users.

As far as I've learned, CN's purchases of Dalman 2-level trucks seems to
have been limited to cars built in 1929. After that, for a few years, CN was
buying 1-level Dalmans and Symington increased spring capacity trucks. In
all cases, these trucks had the Barber Lateral Motion devices.

Principle info I have for the above CN cars is Stafford Swain's box car
article in June 1994 Railmodel Journal and his reefer article in June 2001

Wish that there were enough people wanting a 1-level Dalman,


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