Re: I Second That Motion!

Mike Brock <brockm@...>

Tom Madden writes:

"The rear window was completely iced over. Mike, aren't there any zoning laws against this??"

Ice!? This is indeed puzzling. Surely Tom Madden from Boulder, CO, knows what ice looks like. Perhaps it was merely a plastic covering. I could ask the hotel I suppose. Certainly I'm not going to go over and check it out. Heck, the high today is still below freezing...about 57�. But, to answer Tom...I would not be surprised if there was one today.

I will say that on Friday morning when I was home to get models, cameras, projectors etc I checked a bird bath and found a circular ice flow/ice berg about 1/4" thick floating in it...Now, to give everyone a warm...uh...a feeling of security and well being with regard to climate change in the warmer direction...this has not happened in the last 40 yrs...although in the great Christmas freeze of 1989 it would have if I had been stupid enough to venture outside to put water in one.

As everyone knows, political comments on the STMFC are not permitted and so the following is not one and I warn everyone to avoid such. Nevertheless, on one morning when I went to the car, parked way out in the parking lot, wind blowing right into me from the NW, God alone knows what the wind chill was, only the grace of God kept someone from stopping me to warn me about "global warming".

And, now back to frt cars.

Mike Brock

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