Waukesha Diesel-Icer

Gary Roe

The March 28, 1955 issue of Railway Age has an article in it about a new
development by the Waukesha Motor Company. Basically, it is a retro fit for
an ice-bunker reefer to turn it into a mechanical reefer without having to
perform structural modifications.

The existing ice bunkers are removed, resulting in a gain of useable space.
The power unit and fuel tank are mounted under the car. A power conduit is
installed from the power unit along the underframe of the car, up the end,
and along the roof adjacent to the running board. This supplies the
electricity needed to run the packaged cooling units, which look a whole lot
like big window air conditioning units. They appear to be about 3' square
and about 1.5' tall. The roof units are designed to fit into standard hatch
frames after the hatch cover and plug are removed. An evaporator and air
circulating fan extend down into the car.

The car pictured in the magazine is Fruit Growers Express FHIX 41127.

Was this system ever used much, or was it experimental only? I can't say
I've ever seen any other photos of cars so equipped.

This might be a question for Stan Rydarowicz who seems to be suffering with
a case of "Reefer Madness" lately.

gary roe
quincy, illinois

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