Re: DL&W Boxcars Paint Color

Schuyler Larrabee

I will enquire. While I will take some credit for pulling the model guys back from the brink and
making them rework the lettering for another dozen attempts to get it right, somehow the color
itself never became a question. Mike Del Vecchio may want to put his fingers on the keys on this
question - he's on the list when he has the time - but I will ask the other guys who were involved
about the color and any matching that they're aware of.

Somehow, Mont Switzer was not aware at Cocoa that he had only one of the two runs we did of these
cars. The first one was the later car, with the large LACKAWANNA" billboard lettering to the left
of the doors. The second run was the first scheme (Hey, I was not in charge of this project!!) and
has a smaller "LACKAWANNA" to the right of the doors over "The Route of Phoebe Snow." For the
date-obsessed, IIRC, the early scheme is from the build date 2-50; the later, billboard scheme
carries an 8-55 date.

Thanks for the interest. STMFCers may be interested to know that the specific combination of ends,
sides, roof and doors has not been previously offered by Intermountain. The ELHS approached IM with
the project, which combines those parts from other IM products, except for the door, which is an
aftermarket part produced by someone else - I regret that I don't recall who that is/was.


For Schuyler or anyone else that knows--What is a model paint mix that matches the DL&W boxcars in
the as-built
scheme offered at <> Lacking any other info, I
am assuming that it
is a good match to the prototype.


Steve Hoxie
Pensacola FL

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