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Gary Roe


Thanks. I felt like it must not have gone over very well.

However, I cannot find the pictures you speak of in the PFE book. I did
find a couple small photos of Preco "Cargotemp" equipment on page 178; but
nothing on the Waukesha equipment. Could you point me in the right

gary roe
quincy, illinois


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Gary Roe wrote:
The March 28, 1955 issue of Railway Age has an article in it about a
new development by the Waukesha Motor Company. Basically, it is a
retro fit for an ice-bunker reefer to turn it into a mechanical
reefer without having to
perform structural modifications.

Was this system ever used much, or was it experimental only? I
can't say I've ever seen any other photos of cars so equipped.
Both PFE and FGE tried this conversion (there are photos in the
PFE book), and I think others such as MDT tried it out also, but AFAIK
everyone determined that the small, older ice cars, with narrow doors,
were not going to be as acceptable to shippers as the big new
mechanical cars, thus the conversions were not worth the cost.

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