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Larry Fink

Thanks for your insight Richard and Tony. For the GARX 61916, I had glanced at the Jan. 1949 ORER that listed a GARX series from 10000 to 64999, but I should have been suspicious of such a broad range, plus there is no entry for the number of cars. I see now that the Apr. 1942 ORER breaks that broad range into smaller chunks and the 61916 number falls in one of the gaps. I can't imagine a different interpretation of the conductor's handwriting, but the correct number may have been 67916 as you suggested which would put it in the 67750-67999 range of the Rock Island cars that I understand would have still carried that herald in 1947. That range is also for RS and not RSM (meat) reefers which makes sense. You confirmed for me that it seems unlikely that GARX 67378 would have stenciling for any lessee in 1947 since it's an RS and not RSM reefer. Is it likely that it would have "Ventilated Refrigerator" stenciling like the Rock Island cars since the car numbers are within a few hundred of each other?

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Richard Hendrickson wrote:
At that time, the only GARX cars which carried stenciling for
shippers would have been RSM cars in assigned service on a long term
lease basis to meat packers. Those cars would certainly not have
been used for pear loading. I think you can safely assume that the
cars in question carried only reporting marks, numbers, and data.
Richard is certainly right that produce cars and meat cars were
not interchangeable, as they were differently equipped and there were
cleaning issues with meat cars in other service. But do we know for
sure that in 1947 the GARX fleet of RS cars was no longer leased to
any railroads?

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