Re: Sunshine Kits from Reuben F

Jim Hayes

Rueben, I have scanned the instructions for about 40 kits and have many more
I haven't scanned yet but will if they're on your list. The PDF files run
from about 2 - 5GB each. When you send the list, let me know if you want
them emailed or snail mailed. It sounds like you may need the PDSs too to
help sort/match some of your stuff. Between Dennis Williams and me, I think
we can take care of most of your needs.


On Thu, Jan 14, 2010 at 12:53 PM, reubeft <> wrote:

Thanks, will post my list soon. I put the kits in plastic bags and have
been dividing them individually. At first just lumped them together. Didn't
realize what I had.
Reuben Feuge
Poplarville, MS

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