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Well George Elwood got back to me an he sent me an 8 MB tif file of the drawing which has some interesting dates. The drawing is 12-D-97 "Lettering Arrangement (Swinging Door Cars)" and is dated 9-14-1951.

On November 7, 1951 Revision A was created "Revised account changing date built stencil & adding superseding note". The note stated "This tracing supersede's wood & steel sheathed car lettering arrangements DWG's 4-D-60-I, 7-D-89-B, 8-D-12-B, 9-D-8-C, 9-D-55-F (?), 10-D-5 & 12-D-18, account eliminating the word Ventilator".

Revision B was created 1-16-1953: "Revised account showing LT. WT. stencil without border. Black letters on yellow background. Date built stencil next to car dimensions. Journal box repacking stencil also in black letters on yellow background. Eliminating built new stencil and note on built new plate".

Revision C dated 9-10-57: "Rev. account adding; wood door threshold to be painted FGE std. yellow. End stencil - ref. P-11, defect card holder stencil. Adjustable bunker stencil and ref. removed".

This info was of great interest to me as I have been trying to pin down the lettering on our 1953 Western Fruit Express WHIX 70325 and our FGEX 16134. It explains why the 1952 WHIX cars had the black background on the Lt. Wt. and our November 1953 car does not. Also the time period "Ventilator" dropped off.

Richard Wilkens

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Hi Richard,

I do know Larry Berger, a fine man. I doubt that there is a cleaner copy available from Larry.
Larry is a guy who has his ear close to the rail, and manages to find all sorts of obscure paper
which is about to be thrown out, or is in the hands of an estate which has no idea of what to do
with it, or something. He comes up with the most amazing things. His particular interests include
(fortunately for me) the ERIE, the EL and as collateral information, the DL&W, though there are
plenty of other things which are caught in his net, witness this FGE drawing.

I would contact George Elwood and see if you can get a copy of the image on the web, as when George
supplies the image directly to you it will be more legible on your screen than via the web. Web
images are typically scanned at 300 dpi, because of the limitations of your monitor. He may have a
higher resolution scan available. And you might donate to support his site, which receives zero
commercial support. It's an astounding effort done on his own initiative and essentially with his
own cash.

BTW, Larry has, AFAIK, no web connection. He pays more attention to gathering drawings and all


Was poking around the Fallen Flags website and under Fruit Growers Express I found a lettering
drawing credited to a
Larry Berger:

The drawing is not the best but does show the lettering sizes I've been looking for. Does anyone
know Larry and how to
contact him to see if he has a cleaner copy?


Richard Wilkens

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