Re: Appreciation Lunch

Mike Brock <brockm@...>

Mike Brock...obviously incoherent after Prototype Rails...writes:

Hi, Al,
Prototype Rails wants to show its appreciation to the registration team by
buying it lunch. If I get over the cold...sure couldn't be a Hot...which I
acquired during the meet, we'll do it this coming Saturday if you
registration guys are available. We'll use Chilies as usual. If we can't get
everyone together, we'll try another Sat. Do NOT go to Chilies on the 16th
unless you hear from me again.
Well, obviously, this message was intended for the registration team...two of which are members of the STMFC...Al Brown and Armand I guess I didn't waste it totally. Also, as you can see, if you help out on registration you now know you get a free lunch. Of course...heh, got to be here to collect.

Mike Brock

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