Re: Cocoa Beach 2010 -


Add my name to the folks very happy with the 2010 meet.

Of the weather, it was nice on Wednesday when we got off the plane, even got to eat outside lunch and dinner that Wednesday, as we did later on Sunday at Fort Lauderdale and Monday and Tuesday at Miami. Even saw girls in bikinis on the beach at both places Monday and Tuesday which certainly made Saturday's rain seem so distant.
A nice even predictable climate controlled temperature is available once one is dead and buried six feet under. Until then - Vive la difference!

Thanks to all of you who braved airport security and brought
and displayed your models. If you brought models and no one commented, leave open the possibility that it was because we mere motals wonder how to achieve what we saw.
And thanks to presenters who showed us how to hone our skills. Every presentation I attended was helpful and well thought out.

My only suggestion would be to offer larger font colored
schedules like the prelim that was posted prior to the convention. Heck, I would even pay a dollar or two above the registration for
one of those.

Other than that, Very Well Done !!! to Mike, Jeff and the rest
of the crew.

BTW - Mike, my wife took a tour of your employer and said it was
most enjoyable.
Jim Dick - St. Paul, MN

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