Re: Branchline reefer rolling resistance

Brian Carlson

Dean: couple things, Did you use the Reboxx tool on the trucks? Also,
branchline changed wheels at some point in production, the newer wheels were
better, and were shiny turned wheels, the older ones were duller and maybe
cast. I am not sure since I change my trucks to Reboxx wheels.

Brian J. Carlson, P.E.

Cheektowaga NY

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Subject: [STMFC] Branchline reefer rolling resistance

I just tested, my Branchline GB&W and NKP reefers roll no better than fair
down an incline, but my MILW reefer rolls fantastically! Same manufacturer.
same model, same trucks... but the MILW has shiny metal wheels (due to be
fixed in my final round with the wheel painting jig). The wheels appear to
be the same (based on the profile of their backs). The slow ones actually
stop on the incline, before the curve, while the MILW rolls through the
curve and up the incline on the other side, then back...
The MILW reefer was bought first, has plastic pins instead of metal screws
to hold the trucks on (paradoxically, I think they mount more securely in
this instance, but that wouldn't explain the rolling disparity of the
Why would this be? Does the blackening of the wheels actually slow them down
that much? Or, did something happen in the manufacturing process? All my
other metal wheels roll better, and even some plastic ones do!

Dean Payne

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