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Eric Hansmann

--- "Tim" with no last name wrote:

I would like to know if anyone has an equivalent list in Scalecoat?

Red #1 - B&O, WM - Accupaint #59 Iron Oxide or Floquile #601 Zinc Chromate
Primer - bright red oxide

Red #1.5 – PRR – 50/50 mix of #1 and #2

Red #2 - CN, CNW, UP - Accupaint #54 Rich Oxide Brown or 50/50 mix of
Floquil 175 SOU Freight Car Brown and 186 Oxide Red

Red #3 - MKT - Accupaint #12 Oxide Brown

Red #4 - Erie (some), C&O, NKP (some) , NYC (some) - 50/50 mix of Floquil
74 Boxcar Red and 186 Oxide Red

Red #5 - ATSF, Erie (some) NYC (early), NKP (some) - Floquil 179 Mineral


Paint colors changed over time. B&O boxcars were painted a brownish color in the 1920s and a red oxide in the 1950s. PRR, WM and other railroad paint specs also changed over the decades between WWI and 1960.

What specific era do you need details for?


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