Re: Painting black - was Painting X-3 deck

Ned Carey <nedspam@...>

Thank you Elden, Bruce, Brian and Vince for your replies.

I will go looking for aircraft interior black, rubber, Gunze Sanyo flat tire black, and Nato Tri Color Black. Checking Testors site, Rubber, it is not available in acrylic only enamel - probably why I couldn't find it.

I also agree that Oily Black does really well for oil spills, but you guys
need to tell me why; is it bluish?

I really like oily black. It is great for truck journals. Here is a link to Ned's models in the photos section.
I find many oils to have an irridescent look to them as they refect light. Perhaps they are trying to achive this when formulating the color.

Ned Carey

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