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Bill Welch

The InterMountain kit is based on FGE/WFE rebuilds after 1948 from cars with 8 inch sills, originally built beginning in 1926. The car in the photo you are referring to is from the FGE design built from 1922 until 1924 w/o a side sill, but which was retrofitted w/a 4 inch and then 6 inch sill when four inches proved inadequate. Many cars in this series never received either.

This car can be modeled with Sunshine's six inch sill kit and trimming the sill off.

Bill Welch

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I was looking at some Accu-rail car kits that I purchase a few weeks ago as kit bashing fodder and came upon a wood reefer lettered for FGE and numbered 35204. For some reason this number jumped out at me as being familiar. I went to the book Great Yellow Fleet and sure enough on page 84 or 86 (I don't have it in front of me right now.) there was a photo of 35204.

As I looked at the photo I noticed that the cross bearers were exposed (no side sill) and the car did not have polling pockets. It was my understanding that the 35000 series cars were what the Intermountain model was based on and that they had an 8" side sill. I was wondering if this particular car was an anomaly or if some of the low number 35000 series cars were re-built this way?
Shay Stark

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