Re: Reefers with "RD" reporting mark!?

Bill Welch

I guess this maybe plausible but there are entrees for SFRD. I have not had time to check the car numbers however.

The RD #'s are 14425, 3535, 8681, 14296, 9459, 31979, 7549. 10385, 31100, 15211

Bill Welch

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Bill could RD be shorthand for SFRD? Maybe some car numbers match up?
Brian carlson

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Subject: [STMFC] Reefers with "RD" reporting mark!?
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I have been loaned a copy of a Fruit Growers Express Co. "Icing, Ventilation and Heater Service Record Book" dated May 16-June 2, 1950 and recording the cars iced on the ACL at their Sanford Fla. icing dock, which I am going to scan.

Several cars with the reporting marks "RD" are recorded as well as the predictable ART. PFE, MDT, NRC, and SFRD plus of course FGE/WWFE/BRE/ FWD/CX. I can find no RD in my ORER's for 1942 and 1953.

Can anyone shed any light on what company these car were owned by and what they looked like?

Bill Welch

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