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Jim Barnes

Hey Buddy,
Nice to be back home and I know only too well about not gettin restfull sleep in the hospital.  Thanks for keeping me informed. 
I recieved the infor for the upcomming Denver convention and there was no mention of visiting Caboose Hobbies.  Do you know why this is?

Its good to be home.  Write when you get a chance.   This is being sent from our Library and hopefully we will be back online in a day or two.
Take care,

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Date: Monday, January 25, 2010, 9:38 AM


I talked to Martin Lofton yesterday and he was relieced from the hospital and is resting at home. He said he didn't get much sleep there. He sounds great and is feeling good and is talking about going to Timonium(forgive the spelling) in a couple of weeks.

Charlie Slater

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