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Jay Styron

These might fit well in the collection of the San Diego Model Railroad Museum Library, and they would be available to researchers. How much to ship?
-Jay Styron

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Guys -

I have been cleaning out the bookshelves to make room for the many great new freight car books that have been published lately (thanks to Thompson, Hendrickson, Karig, et al.)

I have 45 pounds of freight transportation books and publications that I will send FREE to anyone who wants them, if they will just pay for the shipping!

A 16 inch-high stack of 15 hardback books were from the collection of Edwin A. Starr, a professor of transportation at Texas Christian University in Ft Worth, Texas. The titles include books on ICC Trafic Management, Transportation Law, ICC Traffic Law, 1961 ICC Annual Reports, and a book, Interpretation of Freight Tariffs which was authored by Mr. Starr himself, and signed by his widow.

The remaining soft-bound volumes are freight tariffs from the southwest area and a volume entitled Principles of Land Transportation. This soft-bound stack is 14 inches high!

The books are mostly from the 1950's up to 1961. The freight tariffs range into the 1970's.

If anyone here is crazy enough to want to understand freight routing, tariffs, and the workings of the ICC, this pile will keep you "off the street" for a while!

PM me. I just HATE to throw arything away!

A.T. Kott

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