Re: CNW 1946 GATC boxcar help

Tim Meyer

From color matching I did 20 years ago, lot 3255 matched a mix of 3
parts Scalecoat #2 and 1 part Scalecoat #13. In earlier discussion with
Jerry Glow, I messed up and specified a code that I assigned for one of
the paint mixes (S11) instead of providing the actual formula. Sorry
for the confusion, so this will hopefully clear up the Scalecoat #11
that I erroneously specified to Jerry. In general terms, all of the box
car paint samples for CNW from 1943 to 1948 were oxide in color,
however, there was some variability in the shades. Some matched
Scalecoat paint mixes, some matched Accupaint colors, and some matched
Floquil mixes.
Ed Hawkins
Thanks for the help. The 1946 GATC cars should use the same color.


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