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The only problem I see is that due to the expense of building a mold that would put the angle cock and hose at the proper angle to the bracket, neither of the hoses w/brackets do so. Looks like the hoses w/o brackets are the way to go.

Well, there are a few other problems with this ingenious product. First the angle
cock valve has the new style stamped handle, and not the old cast type that was
manufactured to a different shape. Then there is also a problem with the clamps
that were used to attach the hose itself to the spigots on the valve and gladhand.
All through the steam era and into the 1970's they used bolted clamps at the top
and bottom of the hose, this was later changed to a metal bands----the Hi-Tech
parts have the new wide metal clamp bands commonly found on hoses today.
For my two cents worth on this--- it's a great idea, and could be a sure winner
product, but it's still got detail problems for the steam era modeler.

Happiness, Jerry Stewart

In a very cold Woodstock, Illinois

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